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Date 2013-08-21.19:51:34
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>>> pprint.pprint(inspect.classify_class_attrs(object))
[Attribute(name='__class__', kind='data', defining_class=<class 'object'>, object=<attribute '__class__' of 'object' objects>),
 Attribute(name='__init__', kind='method', defining_class=<class 'object'>, object=<slot wrapper '__init__' of 'object' objects>),
 Attribute(name='__new__', kind='data', defining_class=<class 'object'>, object=<built-in method __new__ of type object at 0x8aee20>),

I haven't had a chance to look into why __new__() falls through the cracks but expect it's due to how __new__() is treated like a staticmethod without being one.  I suppose there could be other similar cases, but __new__() is probably the only oddball here.

An extra test using isbuiltin() fixes this.

             obj_via_getattr = getattr(cls, name)
             if (ismethod(obj_via_getattr) or
-                ismethoddescriptor(obj_via_getattr)):
+                ismethoddescriptor(obj_via_getattr) or
+                isbuiltin(obj_via_getattr)):
                 kind = "method"
                 kind = "data"
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