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Well aren't there other languages (Ruby, Coffeescript) that have the same syntax?  How do they do it?  (Haskell does it too, but I don't think we can learn from it -- but in Ruby and IIRC Coffeescsript it is syntactic sugar for a regular call.)

Heck, even Python's predecessor, ABC, used "f x" to mean "f(x)".  It solved "a b + c" by giving function call binding the *tightest* possible priority though, interpreting it as (a b) + c, and hence (a(b)) + c", which would be no good for Nick's hope that "print x+1, y" can be made to mean print(x+1, y) -- ABC would interpret it as "(print(x)) + 1, y".

Still, I'd like to hear about how Ruby/Coffee solve this.
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