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On 06/08/13 03:08, Mark Dickinson wrote:
> I too find the use of a class that'll never be instantiated peculiar.

I'll accept "unusual", but not "peculiar". It's an obvious extension to classes being first-class objects. We use classes as objects very frequently, we call methods on classes directly (e.g. int.fromhex). This is just a trivial variation where I am using a class-as-object as a function.

But if this is really going to be a sticking point, I can avoid using a class. I'll make median a plain function. Will that be acceptable?

> As you say, there's no state to be stored.  So why not simply have separate functions `median`, `median_low`, `median_high`, `median_grouped`, etc.?

Why have a pseudo-namespace median_* when we could have a real namespace median.* ?

I discussed my reasons for this here:
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