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Now issue18654 "modernize mingw&cygwin compiler classes" contain enhancement that could be reused by this issue: patch "0007-MINGW-compiler-cygwin-provides-its-own-C-runtime.patch
" from archive , i.e. lets avoid change in get_msvcr() that return. Mingw is also impacted but is addresses in another patches.  As separate patch is 'compiler customization' -  more advanced version then proposed by Jeevan Varshney (jayvee)

A separate issue18634 "find import library" address .dll.a suffix based on existing distutil functionality.

Also issue18633 "Mingw32CCompiler as default compiler for mingw* build" adds same fixes from unix compiler class into Cygwin one - ref '# Chop off the drive'

So with above I think that cygwin compiler could be switched back from unix to own.
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