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My initial plan was to add the patch soon after filing the issue, but that's before I noticed that this needs some API design to integrate nicely :-)

My current idea for the api:

* add "symlink(path, target") to write a symlink

* add "readlink(path)" to read a symlink

* "read" will raise an exception when trying to read a symlink
  (alternative: do symlink resolving, but that's too magical to my taste)
* "extract" and "extractall" extract the symlink as a symlink
  (but I'm not sure yet what to do on systems that don't support symlinks)

* with the various file types it might be better to also provide
  "islink(name)", "isdir(name)" and "isfile(name)" methods (simular to
  their os.path equivalents)

This will also require some changes to the ZipInfo class.

I'm not sure yet if adding support for device files and other unix attributes (UID/GID).
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