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recently I filed this bugreport to Django, but they clarified this by pointing me to commits for new version of Django that uses python builtin importlib (import_module)

But since most of their import_module code is done like [import_module(x) for y if blahblah], it is very difficult for me to debug code where Django tries to import some package, and all I get back is message "relative imports require the 'package' argument"

This message tells me exactly nothing :), just that something somewhere, even 3rd party app tried to do relative imports ...

what did it import, with what parameters?

I edited this locally for debugging, and changed it to this:
"relative imports require the 'package' argument, package: %s" % name

This simple change of the message allowed me to find the problem in a few seconds..

Would you please consider adding something similar to importlib for better debugging?

Thank you :)
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