Date 2013-07-28.14:33:04
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I updated my proposed lru_timestamp function with the following changes:

1) restricted refresh_interval to int type
2) updated doc string

Updated doc string follows:

def lru_timestamp(refresh_interval=60):
    """ Return a timestamp string for @lru_cache decorated functions.

    The returned timestamp is used as the value of an extra parameter
    to @lru_cache decorated functions, allowing for more control over
    how often cache entries are refreshed. The lru_timestamp function
    should be called with the same refresh_interval value for a given
    @lru_cache decorated function.  The returned timestamp is for the
    benefit of the @lru_cache decorator and is normally not used by
    the decorated function.

    Positional arguments:
    refresh_interval -- in minutes (default 60), values less than 1
                        are coerced to 1, values more than 1440 are
                        coerced to 1440

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