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(If someone else wants to take this before I get to it, feel free. But there seems to be enough support to add something eventually.)

It seems that Rietveld is able to ignore the binaries, but in the future, lets separate the text and images. If nothing else, the images should stay the same while the text gets updated patches.

Looking at, I think the title should begin with Idle or IDLE, but if the latter, not include HOWTO as one SHOUT is enough. I think it should be in its alphabetical position after Functional Programming. I have no idea why argparse and ipaddress are out of order.

I think there should be a section on using the shell before using the editor.

From a command line (at least on Windows, when not in the directory containing 'python -m idlelib' is the easiest way to start. Within a Python program, 'import idlelib.idle' starts it. I plan to add a new section to the docs for this, but it might be worth repeating.

I will look more closely at the text another time.
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