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Date 2013-07-11.21:12:03
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I'm not sure that moving the tcltk output dir into PCbuild is the right way to go about making different versions of Tcl/Tk available to different Python versions.  For one, because it's not true if you're working out of a single checkout for multiple versions.  I think I'd rather see 'tcltk'/'tcltk64' stay where they are, but grow extensions to denote different builds--'tcltk-Win32-py34' and 'tcltk-x64-py35', for example.  Also, PCbuild/rt.bat needs to be updated if tcltk[64] is changed.

I can't comment much on as I haven't had the time to learn everything I'd need to to understand it all, but it seems to work well doing what it is meant to do.  However, it does seem like substantial overkill for what the comment at the top says it is for :P

Barring the issues I've raised so far, I really like the general idea and direction of the patch.  I really hope this can make it to inclusion before too long.
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