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Date 2013-07-07.09:11:17
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In OSX 10.8 the Gestalt() funtion in CoreServices is deprecated. This function is used in the _gestalt extension and exported to Python code.

The only in-tree user of this (private) extension is the platform module, it uses gestalt as one of the alternatives to get the OSX release; and a fallback at that.

A stackoverflow user has done some sleuthing and discovered that the gestalt function uses the same XML file to determine the OSX release as is used by the primary alternative used by the platform module (see <>). The gestalt alternative will therefore likely be useful at all (it is only used when the file it reads is not available in the first place).

The easiest solution to avoid this deprecated API is therefore to drop the  _gestalt extension and remove its use in platform.mac_ver()
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