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Author mathias
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Date 2013-07-04.07:56:07
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Hi Ronald, Eric, Nick,

Looking up the symbol name of the current function should work also.
And I am free to rename these functions to whatever you like.

Attached is version 2 of the patch with the suggested changes.
The windows implementation is still untested.

It would be interesting to know if this kind of lookup scheme can be included into PEP 432.
Provided the spirit of this PEP, I can imagine to provide several functions to build up the pythonpath starting from something.
So say, have a 'get python path from argv[0]', a 'get python path from shared python library' and a 'get python path from prefix' function (I may miss a variant). Also a 'build python path from python home root entry point' function would be useful and could be used by the above functions.
An application embedding python can then call those functions that are sensible for its own use and installation scheme to set the module path in the PyConfig struct. The Py_ReadConfig function will internally use the above suggested functions to build up the default configuration if not already provided.


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