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Date 2013-07-01.17:13:14
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Terry I am sorry the push didn't go smooth.  I thought I had checked the patch with 2.7 and 3.4 and it applied for me but maybe I missed something?  For sure I didn't check 3.3 but from here on out I will.  Awhile ago I worked on a issue to synchronize the documentation here:

Mr. Andrew Svetlov was kind enough to push the patch but he only pushed it for 3.4 which I am not sure why?  Then Zachary Ware had the excellent suggestion of making the help.txt generate from the rst file  So with all that being said I am confused about the direction of IDLE documentation.  Maybe we should reopen issue 5066 or create a new issue to sync help.txt and idle.rst across all version from 2.7 - 3.4? Then apply Zachary's patch to automate the creation of help.txt.
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