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Author Todd.Rovito
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Date 2013-07-01.03:23:05
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Yes I have a Mac and I am glad to help, so I gave it a test run tonight.  The first thing I did was apply the patch  then I ran idle from the console like so:
./python.exe Lib/idlelib/

For testing I used a simple print command to print to stderr:

which I got the output of

I also tried to use the newer print function:
print("fatal error", file=sys.stderr)

Python 3.4 on the Mac behaved exactly the same way with or without the patch.  I got the stderr output in the Python shell and nothing appeared in the console.  With the patch applied I saw no dialog box to capture the stderr output.  Maybe I didn't perform the test correctly?

Another thing to consider is for Mac IDLE runs in a special mode via which I turn on by forcing runningAsOSXApp() to always return True.  Even after setting runningAsOSXApp() to true a dialog box does not appear when writing to stderr.

Maybe I am not testing this patch correctly? Let me know if I can do anything else to help, thanks.
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