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Date 2013-06-28.21:50:47
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I just remembered: the first list of a .py file docstring should be a one line summary of what the callable does. It should not give the signature because (unlike C function currently) help does that for us from the callable itself (using the inspect module). Putting it in the docstring just repeats it. On 3.3.2:

>>> help(fileinput.input)
Help on function input in module fileinput:

input(files=None, inplace=False, backup='', bufsize=0, mode='r', openhook=None)
    input(files=None, inplace=False, backup="", bufsize=0, mode="r", openhook=None)
So the 3.x files need correcting also.
For .doc, the signature does need to be present and correct.
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