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Date 2013-06-24.16:10:07
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> The .aliases() function would have to return a list, not a single
> name, so a parameter would cause the return type to change, which
> is not a good idea.

You misunderstood my proposal.  .name() will still return a single name, but the type parameter will control which name to return:

name(ch[, type=(None|'correction'|'control'|'alternate'|'figment'|'abbreviation')])

None - default, same as current behavior.

correction - indicates that the returned name is a corrected form for the original name (which remains valid) for the same code point.

control - return a new name added for a control character.

alternate - return an alternate name for a character

figment - return a name for a character that has been documented but was never in any actual standard.

abbreviation - return a common abbreviation for a character
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