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Date 2013-06-22.01:35:28
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There is a separate issue about killing that warning.

If you leave off '-ugui', you will see the traceback and why I said that requires('gui') should be wrapped for unittest discovery. As the code is, the call is executed when the file is imported, possibly during discovery, before the  unittest or regrtest runner starts running tests and counting success, fail, skip.

Two other thoughts before I look as rstrip and the content of the new test file. 

I would like to just call it test_rstrip. 

I have thought of having just one for mock Idle classes (as opposed to mock_tk with mock tk classes. I am not sure how many will will need. Since your mock_ewin uses a real tk.Text widget, hence requiring gui, what is its purpose? The point of the mock_tk classes is to avoid gui and make the test text only. I am not saying that this is the only purpose, but other purposes should be stated and documented.
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