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Date 2013-06-15.22:49:23
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The basic question for this issue is whether to segregate gui tests in a separate directory (idle_test_gui?) and run them with a separate or to sprinkle gui test cases throughout the test suite, perhaps one to each test_idle/ file?

For development, I am pretty sure I would prefer the latter. I have started test_grep for the 3 methods that can be gui free, but if (when) I do a gui-requiring test of the dialog itself, I would prefer to have it follow in the same file.

However, my impression is that each requires('gui') call will result in a skip message on the test output. (Correct?) So my question is: will non-idle developers tolerate over 50 skip warnings from Idle tests? or is there a way to suppress multiple warnings and consolidate them into just one if there is at least one?
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