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Date 2013-06-05.16:33:44
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urllib.parse.urlsplit() in Python3.3 behaves the same way.  Since urlsplit takes an optional param "allow_fragments", I don't think it should be a high priority issue.  

The relevant code from Python3.3 is below, however:

    if allow_fragments and '#' in url:
        url, fragment = url.split('#', 1)
    if '?' in url:
        url, query = url.split('?', 1)

Note that passwords containing '?' would produce a similar result, which is perhaps mildly more concerning, as there is no flag to ignore the query portion of the url.    

That being said, I'm against making any changes to urlsplit at this point, since that would also require modifying urlunsplit and may in fact make it much more difficult (or impossible) to rejoin a url.  The strength of the very simple implementation we have currently is that it's always reversible.
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