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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2013-06-01.03:30:02
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While improving the self-test for after fixing the error that stopped it from running, I discovered an error in the NameOk method: names were not really stripped before being tested. so duplicate section names were erroneously accepted if initially surrounded by whitespace. After fixing that, I removed unneeded code, including 5 pairs of parentheses in one statement, and added recommended spaces. I also centered the action buttons in the dialog.

Attached is a drop-in replacement for the file (produced with Idle on my non-developement  Win7 machine, so probably with the extra line end char). I think it is good enough to commit, but I am curious if the instructions added to the test are clear enough. (The dialog is the one seen if Save as New Custom Theme (Highlighting tab) or Save as New Custom Key Set (Key tab) are selected on the Options / Preferences dialog.

For new custom test files, the root window should be open farther from the edge of the screen.
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