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Date 2013-05-30.05:40:36
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This is a refinement of the patch with Message188609.

In parse_known_intermixed_args, the temporary capture of formatted usage has been put in a try/finally structure.

Positionals are now 'deactivated' with

    action.nargs = SUPPRESS
    action.default = SUPPRESS

To use this, a 'nargs==SUPPRESS' case has been added to the relevant methods.  In _get_args_pattern() it acts just like 'nargs=0'.  In '_get_values()' it returns 'value=SUPPRESS'.  The net effect is that, in take_action(), 'action' is not invoked, and that positional is not added to the namespace.

Previously I used nargs=0, which put a [] value in the namespace, which then had to be deleted.

I have not added anything about this SUPPRESS option to the documentation (PARSER isn't there either).

When the parser uses incompatible features (e.g. REMAINDER), this now raises a TypeError.  The effect is similar to giving add_argument incompatible definitions.  The 'fallback' that I used earlier can be implemented with a simple 'try/except TypeError'.  Other parsing errors go through the usual ArgumentParser.error() method. has been changed to handle this TypeError.
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