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Date 2013-05-28.20:35:17
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> Brian Curtin added the comment:
> Don't we already require an existing Python to build some of the third-party stuff, e.g., OpenSSL?

Only for building a 64-bit Python on 32-bit Windows.  Otherwise,
OpenSSL is built using the just-built interpreter.

> I don't think the bootstrapping issue holds that much weight. Adding some huge batch script that maybe one or two people even know how to modify is a much higher cost than just having someone install Python.

Fair enough, but even when Python is installed, there's still the
issue of whether it will be findable on PATH, whether .py is in
PATHEXT, what version of Python is installed (and which one is on
PATH), etc. etc...

However, you've made me think; perhaps configure.bat could build a
minimal Python that can then be used for a  I'll do some
experimenting and see what I can come up with.
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