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Date 2013-05-23.11:57:35
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In Python 3.3 decoding of headers to unicode is supposed to be automatic but fails in several cases, including one shown as successful in the documentation:

   >>> msg = message_from_string('Subject: =?utf-8?q?=C3=89ric?=\n\n', policy=default)
   >>> msg['Subject']

   >>> msg = message_from_string('To: =?utf-8?q?=C3=89ric <>\n\n', policy=default)
   >>> msg['To']
   '=?utf-8?q?=C3=89ric?= <>'

Although the following works:

   >>> msg = message_from_string('Subject: =?utf-8?q?Eric?=\n\n', policy=default)
   >>> msg['Subject']

Though this does not:

   >>> msg = message_from_string('To: =?utf-8?q?Eric?= <>\n\n', policy=default)
   >>> msg['To']
   '=?utf-8?q?Eric?= <>'

And just to prove some things are working as they should:

    >>> msg = message_from_string("Subject: =?gb2312?b?1eLKx9bQzsSy4srUo6E=?=\n\n", policy=default)
    >>> msg['Subject']
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