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I like the idea of splitting the table in 2.7 rather than using a result type column. However, the two intro paragraphs need a bit of work. How does the following sound:

1. Create a new subheading at the same level as the current "Standard Encodings" heading: "Python Specific Encodings"

2. Split out rot-13 to its own table in Python 2.7 as well

3. Under the new subheading, have the following text introducing the tables:

A number of predefined codecs are specific to Python, so their codec names have no meaning outside Python. These are listed in the tables below based on the expected input and output types (note that while text encodings are the most common use case for codecs, the underlying codec infrastructure supports arbitrary data transforms rather than just text encodings).  For asymmetric codecs, the stated purpose describes the encoding direction.

The following codecs provide text-to-binary encoding and binary-to-text decoding, similar to the Unicode text encodings.
The following codecs provide binary-to-binary encoding and decoding.
The following codecs provide text-to-text encoding and decoding.
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