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The change to the two idlelib/*.py files enables those files to run their corresponding idle_test/test_*.py file when run as a main script. They have nothing to do with running test/ So please try running the latter.
python -m test.test_idle  # direct, without regrtest
python -m test test_idle  # indirect, with regrtest

I upgraded(?) TortoiseHG (2.8, with hg 2.6) and found the setting for Notepad++ to create new files in 'unix/osx' format, which I presume refers to line endings. Does the new file apply better for you?  If so, I will try to always use this for uploaded patches.

Question: when I import this patch (either format) to 3.4, it applies the chunks and makes the changes with no apparent problem, but then 'aborts' -- but not really, because it leaves the changes:
  abort: edit failed: vi exited with status 1
  [command returned code 255 Mon May 20 23:08:16 2013]
The appear to be a failure of the commit message editor? If so, it is tolerable, but it worked a week ago (regression in upgrade?), though i have seen it before. Manual says

"If the patch you are importing does not have a commit message, Mercurial will try to launch your editor, just as if you had tried to import the patch from the command line. Your ui.editor needs to be a GUI app to make this work correctly."

I get same message after setting editor to notepad or notepad++, so 'vi' mystifies me. Anyone have any idea?
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