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>  * rewrite Mac OS X implementation: code in 5e0c56557390 looks wrong. It
> gets a MIB but then don't use it when calling _bsd_cpu_count(). But I didn't
> check my patch nor the commit version on Mac OS X.

I just removed the OS-X special case altogether.
Apparently, the standard sysctl is supposed to work os OS-X.
We'll see what happens.

>  * use "int ncpu;" instead of "long ncpu;" when calling mpctl() and
> sysctl(). For mpctl(), ncpu is used to store the result, so a wide type is
> ok. But for sysctl(), we pass a pointer. What happens if sysctl() expects
> int whereas we pass a pointer to a long? We announce sizeof(int)!?

Ouch. This was overlooked when the type was changed to long.
I fixed this.

>  * inline _bsd_cpu_count()

Done in a subsequent commit (especially since the OS-X special case
has been removed).
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