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Author christian.heimes
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Date 2013-05-16.18:10:43
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We could use an algorithm that doesn't need regexp for most cases.

pseudo code:

value = value.lower()
hostname = hostname.lower()

if '*' not in value:
   return value == hostname

vparts = valuesplit(".")
hparts = hostname.split(".")
if len(vparts) != len(hparts):
    # * doesn't match a dot
    return False

for v, h in zip(vparts, hparts):
    if v == "*":
        # match any host part
    asterisk = v.count("*")
    if asterisk == 0:
        if v != h:
            return False
    elif asterisk == 1:
        # match with simple re
        # don't support more than one * in a FQDN part
        raise TooManyAsterisk
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