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The RVM issue is wrong, ML still includes OpenSSL. Apple has deprecated the use of the system install of OpenSSL, but the library and include files are still there.

There are two paths for avoiding the deprecated library: either ship your own build of OpenSSL, or (and that's probably what Apple would prefer) use the Apple specific frameworks (common crypto and/or security transforms). 

The latter has the advantage of using the security infrastructure, such as the CA chain, as provided by Apple, but would require significant code changes in Python, might take even more work to get to work properly on OSX 10.6 or earlier (and cannot work on 10.4), and might cause problems with scripts that use os.fork() because a number of core Apple frameworks won't work properly in the child process and cause a hard crash when they were initialized in the parent and then used in a child.

All in all it would be better to ship a recent version of OpenSSL with the binary installers on OSX.
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