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Author ghoul
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Date 2013-05-13.20:06:07
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The Text instance created by the last patch has the same parent -in
the Python w hierarchy- as the "model" widget regardless of the actual
parent implied by the given pathname. Further, pathname is really a tk
level construct: in Python this hierarchy is expressed the w's master
and name. Attached is a proposed fix; peer_create now has the
signature (self, master=None, cnf={}, **kw)
The optional name of the peer is passed as an item in cnf.
(note that the behaviour of peers is actually correct in the previous
incarnation, only the children property is faulty and you have to go
down to tk names to attach the text to an arbitrary parent)

There is also an issue with subclassing of Text, to override the
standard event handling for example. Should the peer be an instance of
that subclass, or should this be a 'default' that may be overriden?
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