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Date 2013-05-10.13:21:00
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AP has started to review my patch. I'm not yet sure how we should handle constants and functions when the platform doesn't provide them. For example Windows doesn't have any S_IS*() function like macros and doesn't provide a S_IFBLK constant.

We have three possibilities here:

1) omit the constant / function (breaks b/w compatibility)
2) add constant with a value of 0 / function that returns false (may break b/w compatibility)
3) default to current value from Lib/

I'm against 1) because it breaks backwards compatibility and makes the module harder to use. I like to follow 3) for all S_I*, SF_* and UF_* macros and functions that are currently provided by the stat module and 2) for new constants and functions such as S_ISDOOR().
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