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Date 2013-05-08.20:48:20
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There's another savings to be had when an index becomes the maximum:  in that case, all the indices to its right are already at the maximum, so no need to overwrite them.  This isn't as big a savings as skipping the search, but still buys about 10% more in the Python code.  Like so:

    def cwr3(iterable, r):
        pool = tuple(iterable)
        n = len(pool)
        if n == 0 and r:
        indices = [0] * r
        yield tuple(pool[i] for i in indices)
        rmax, nmax = r-1, n-1
        j = rmax if n > 1 else -1
        while j >= 0:
            newval = indices[j] + 1
            if newval < nmax:
                indices[j:] = [newval] * (r - j)
                j = rmax
                assert newval == nmax
                indices[j] = newval
                j -= 1
            yield tuple(pool[i] for i in indices)
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