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Date 2013-05-06.11:52:15
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> I am interested to submit a patch on this. Should I move the implementation to os module and made the multiprocessing one as an alias ? or keep it in both places ?

Yes, you should move it, add a corresponding documentation to
Doc/modules/os.rst (you can probably reuse the multiprocessing doc),
and add a test in Lib/test/ (you can also probably reuse the
multiprocessing test).

> I prefer the idea of returning -1 instead of the current way of raising NotImplementedError in case we can not determine the number of CPU(s).

Seriously, I don't see what this brings. Since the user can't do
anything except using 1 instead, why not do this in the library?
I've searched a bit, and other platforms (.e.g Java, Ruby) don't raise
an exception, and always return a positive value.
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