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> A normal "caller" would never expect a stat object to be partially populated: if a function has a prototype returning a stat object, then I definitely expect it to be a regular stat object, with all the fields guaranteed by POSIX set (st_size, st_ino, st_dev...).

I don't think that's true in general, or true of how other Python APIs work. For instance, many APIs return a "file-like object", and you can only do certain things on that object, depending on what the documentation says, or what EAFP gets you. Some file-like object don't support seek/tell, some don't support close, etc. I've seen plenty of walk-like-a-duck checks like this:

if hasattr(f, 'close'):

Anyway, my point boils down to:

* scandir() is a new function, so there aren't old trends or things that will break
* we clearly document it as returning a tuple of (name, st), where st is a "stat-like object" whose invididual fields are None if they couldn't be determined for free with the directory scanning
* in fact, that's kind of the point of the "st" object in this function, so the example could be the one I gave above where you call os.stat() if either of the fields you want is None
* if that's clear in the documentation (of this new function) and the first example shows you exactly how it's meant to be used, I think that's pretty sane and sensible...
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