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Date 2013-05-02.15:35:50
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My +1 for __iter__ with default `raise StopIteration`, it is more elegant solution than declaration and guarantee of the interfaces (based at and
Paul, result as iterable of CodecInfo objects is gives much more flexibility than the names of codecs (whats if you will have a few codecs with the same name in different SearchObjects?)

As I see, you would like use this as:

encoded_data = 'abc'
for codecs in codecs.registered_codecs():
 decoded_data = codecs.decode(data)
 if decoded_data == 'cba': # cracked

Whats about backward compatibly with Lib/encoding modules (initial item in interp->codec_search_path)? Can we skip anything in search_path, if its not supports iteration?
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