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"Relying on things like int64_t or uint64_t is tricky, both in
principle *and* in practice. (...) uint64_t and int64_t may be a
stretch, particularly on ARM-style platforms."

I don't understand. Python is already using 64-bit types, in md5
module for example (MD5_INT64). This module is not compiled on ARM?

"In practice, we've had significant difficulties in the past simply
finding and identifying exact-width types in our autoconf machinery:
whether they're defined in <inttypes.h> or <stdint.h> seems to vary
from platform to platform, as does whether they're defined as
typedef's or preprocessor macros."

I don't understand. AC_TYPE_UINT64_T is supposed to provide the
uint64_t (unsigned integer of 64-bit).

Autotool can also generate the stdint.h header if it is not available.
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