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+1 for someone stepping up to write a PEP on this if they would like to see the situation improved in 3.4.

transform/untransform has at least one core developer with an explicit -1 on the proposal at the moment (me).

We *definitely* need a generic object->object convenience API in the codecs module (codecs.decode, codecs.encode). I even accept that those two functions could be worthy of elevation to be new builtin functions.

I'm *far* from convinced that awkwardly named methods that only handle str->object, bytes->object and bytearray->object are a good idea. Should memoryview gain transform/untransform methods as well?

transform/untransform as proposed aren't even inverse operations, since they don't swap the valid input and output types (that is, transform is str/bytes/bytearray to arbitrary objects, while untransform is *also* str/bytes/bytearray to arbitrary objects. Inverses can't have a domain/range mismatch like that).

Those names are also ambiguous about which one corresponds to "encoding" and which to "decoding". encode() and decode(), whether as functions in the codecs module or as builtins, have no such issue.

Personally, the more I think about it, the more I'm in favour of adding encode and decode as builtin functions for 3.4. If you want arbitrary object->object conversions, use the builtins, if you want strict str->bytes or bytes/bytearray->str use the methods. Python 3 has been around long enough now, and Python 3.2 and 3.3 are sufficiently well known that I think we can add the full power builtins without people getting confused.
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