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There is a need of a proper design in whether to put tests in test sub directory or to create idlelib/test directory.

For my GSoc proposal initial draft, I suggested to start with  
Put tests in test/test_idle directory (like test/test_email would be the best practice).
Test for the presence of idle and skip if idle is not available.
Move the existing,pending tests for idle ( ,,....)  into this directory.
(which my patch 15392_idletestframework_1.patch did for me)

Considering the point terry.reedy mentioned, "Adding test/test_idle will not be too much use until issue #10652 is resolved so it would actually run with -m test", my view is, the issue #10652 on this message is on a healthy patch review, so it would actually run with -m test in near-future
Expecting your suggestions on this design decisions.
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