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Date 2013-04-21.06:46:22
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There's some work that's been in the FreeBSD bleachers since Jul 2012 to add futimens() and utimensat(), with some recent activity:

RFC: futimens(2) and utimensat(2) - Jul 2012 

RFC: futimens(2) and utimensat(2) - Jan 2013 

I've also recently been made aware of a vfs.timestamp_precision sysctl and tested adjusting it from it's default of 0 -> 3, without success:

sysctl -d vfs.timestamp_precision
vfs.timestamp_precision: File timestamp precision (0: seconds, 1: sec + ns accurate to 1/HZ, 2: sec + ns truncated to ms, 3+: sec + ns (max. precision))

I'll do my best at this end to encourage the above implementation to be committed and request merges to other branches of FreeBSD (likely just 9-STABLE)

In the meantime however, what can be done in the short-term to either tweak the tests so they pass or account for the difference in implementations?

The current test failures on the buildbots make it difficult at best to ensure core developers are being notified or exposed to other regressions and issues that have cropped up in recent months.
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