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Date 2013-04-15.16:01:02
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Here's another new version of the patch, addressing Ezio's review comments and a few things I found after giving a closer look myself.

Things changed in in this version:

- all ``__func__ = func`` assignments are moved to the end, after importing * from _operator.  With the assignments after each func, __func__ was still the Python version after importing from _operator.  I suspect this means that _operator.c could be changed to not mess with creating each __func__ and just let do it, but not being a native C speaker, I don't know how to do it.  Also, there is an added test case to test whether __func__ is func.  It passes with the rest of the patch, but would fail on current operator.c; it seems that operator.c actually creates separate __func__ and func functions (that do the same thing).

- If importing from _operator succeeds, import __doc__ from _operator as well.  The Python implementation has an extra note at the end of __doc__ advertising that it is a Python implementation.

Also, after submitting this patch, I'm going to try to clean up the files list on this issue a bit.  I'll clear the nosy list while I do so to avoid spamming everybody with messages about it.  (At least, I assume I can do so, I haven't tried this before :).  If I can't clear the nosy list, I won't bother with cleaning up the files, again to avoid spamming)
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