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On 31.03.2013 21:29, Larry Hastings wrote:
> Larry Hastings added the comment:
> For the record: I care.  Generally speaking CPython is a lovingly
> crafted source tree, and the choices its architects made are nearly
> always sensible and well-reasoned.  When I see things like this, things
> that seem kind of dumb on first glance, I worry that we're missing
> something.

Did someone test the patch on a use case where the performance of
this macro matters a lot ? E.g. deallocating large lists or

Todays CPUs have plenty of registers available, so it's possible
that the patch actually speeds up things, since the decref'ed
variable may well be an indirect reference. At the time Py_DECREF
was written, registers were precious golden flasks, only to be
filled with the most valuable of things ;-)

Just want to be sure we're not missing something...
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