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Date 2013-03-27.18:39:40
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I think that's a good idea.

However, there's a problem with the implementation: if one passes "" or None as address on a dual-stack node, the resulting socket will be either IPv4 bound to INADDR_ANY, or IPv6 bound to IN6ADDR_ANY, whereas one would expect to be bound both in IPv4 and IPv6. In the later case, some platforms (like Linux) use IPv4-mapped addresses by default, some others (e.g. some versions of FreeBSD) don't. So, depending on IPV6_V6ONLY setting, binding to IPV6 any won't accept IPv4 connections. Also, some platforms don't support mapped addresses at all, so the only portable solution is to bind both to and ::, whith two different sockets, and use select() to accept both.

So it would maybe make sense to expose a ServerSocket class, with an accept method which would do the right thing (as an added bonus, it could expose set_reuse_addr(bool), since SO_REUSEADDR have subtle semantic differences between Unix and Windows).
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