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Hello. I have made a small upgrade of the workaround.
• win_unicode_console.enable_streams() sets sys.stdin, stdout and stderr to custom filelike objects which use Windows functions ReadConcoleW and WriteConsoleW to handle unicode data properly. This can be done in to take effect automatically.

• Since Python interactive console doesn't use sys.stdin for getting input (still don't know reason for this), there is an alternative repl based on code.interact(). win_unicode_console.IntertactiveConsole.enable() sets it up. To set it up automatically, put the enabling code into a startup file and set PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable. This works for interactive session (just running python with no script).

• Since there is no hook to run InteractiveConsole.enable() when a script is run interactively (-i flag), that is after the script and before the interactive session, I have written a helper script It just runs given script and then enters an interactive mode using InteractiveConsole. Just put into site-packages and run "py -m i arguments" instead of "py -i arguments".

It's a shame that in the year 2013 one cannot simply run Python console on Windows and enter Unicode characters. I'm not saying it's just Python fault, but there is a workaround on Python side.
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