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Date 2013-03-21.21:47:32
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When I use the 'find' function in Idle, the dialogue closes after the first instance is found.

To find the next instance, one must then use the 'find again' function, rather than the 'find' function. One can also use Ctrl+G, but that may not be intuitive for new users, who may not frequently use keyboard shortcuts.

It would be nice to have a persistent box so that users can simply click 'find' repeatedly to iterate the 'find again' function. We would then have to alter when highlighting happens, as it currently happens only after the box is closed. 

I think the relevant code is located in the file on line 55.

Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to adjust this myself, as I am a n00b. 

Note: I am working on Windows 7 with python ver 2.7.3
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