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Date 2013-03-21.18:41:46
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I agree that this is not the worlds best API.  However, it is the API that we have in 2.7/3.2, and we can't change how Header.__unicode__ behaves without breaking backward compatibility.  

What we could do is add an example of how to use this API to get unicode strings to the top of the docs:

   >>>  unicode(make_header(decode_header('=?gb2312?b?1eLKx9bQzsSy4srUo6E=?=')))

But you already know about that.

In Python 3.3 you get this:

   >>> msg = message_from_string("subject: =?gb2312?b?1eLKx9bQzsSy4srUo6E=?=\n\n", policy=default)
   >>> msg['subject']

So, I'll make this a doc bug.
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