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Since I wrote this, a new method has been added to the IMAP4 class (starttls(ssl_context=None), 3.2) and a new parameter to the IMAP_SSL subclass initialization (3.3). So the module is not dead. 

Thomas is correct that a new method or, more likely, module utility function would be needed to do any transformation of IMAP4 output. Anyone is free now to write their own function. So any proposal would need an argument that there is standard transform that would be useful and used by multiple people.

In the absence of a concrete proposal, and considering the possibility of a new protocal, I am closing this at least for now. Brandon, if you post either a patch or just code for a new function and an explanation of how to use it, and are prepared to defend it, you may reopen.  You might do better to post to python-list or python-idea to see if there are any other users that would like the same transformation you want.
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