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Date 2013-03-15.16:53:49
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Applying the minipatch makes the big patch fail to apply, so here's an update.  Also changed in this version of the patch:

- README.txt is updated.  Not all the changes directly relate to this patch, but there were some needed updates in there anyway.  If desired, I can split those into a separate issue, but all the changes are fairly minor.

- Added *VERSION variables for each of the tools for easy overriding and easier-to-find, single place to update.

Terry, you're right about make.bat being very similar between versions.  About the only other difference I saw was the removal of the line that prints the Python version in use, and the version of Pygments used.  I'd be happy to make patches for backporting this as far as desired (assuming, of course, that it is accepted and is desirable to backport :-).
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