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Date 2013-03-14.04:42:25
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Karl - I reviewed the patch and like it. Here are some comments.

At first, I did not see the need for both "message" and "explain" in the API both having almost similar purposes. But given that "explain" is already used by send_error and at the moment, un-customizable and I think it is barely useful. Your 3rd patch may improve it's utility value a bit further.

One review comment:

-                   {'code': code, 'message': _quote_html(message), 'explain': explain})
+                   {'code': code, 'message': message, 'explain': _quote_html(explain)})

I would go with _quote_html(message) too. That was fix for XSS security issue.

Also. I will not confuse the newline checking with status line in the same patch /commit. I have a suspicion that RFC says Status Line should be a single line and you went ahead with including that in patch. Is that correct? If you referred to any specific section of RFC, could you point me to that? Thanks!
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