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[Serhiy Storchaka]
> I don't want to make a decision on the inclusion of this code.

It was a tough call, but I don't want to add this code.  You've a great job with it, but I don't think it is a worthwhile endeavor.  

* The algorithm was designed with C level operations in mind and is awkward in Python. 

* The code we use for MT has been widely distributed and tested by others.  We would just be getting away from the canonical reference version.

* The other implementations already have an MT, so this code won't end-up being used and would just add to the maintenance burden.  If anyone ever did use it, it would be dog slow.


P.S. I did have a question about the patch.  

The code uses an RLock.  Where are the places that can trigger reentracy?

With in a single method, successive calls to _genrand_int32() are ordered and can't be interleaved with reentrancy while still keeping the original order of generated random numbers.
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