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Date 2013-03-10.17:29:47
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> Richard Oudkerk added the comment:
> +1
Thank you :)

> To use Tools/builbot/*.bat doesn't the current directory have to be the main directory of the repository?  Then I see no point in the "-C" argument: just set the correct directory automatically.

That is true, and it does already automatically set the correct
directory.  The point of the -C option is for Doc/make.bat--from the
root dir, call "make -C Doc html", and make cd's into Doc, and there
calls "make.bat html", and the html docs are made.  I didn't just
hardwire the option to "-C Doc" even though that's the only place that
can use -C, just in case there is someday another make.bat floating
around the repository.  The original version I posted just had a "doc"
target that called Doc/make.bat with supplied arguments, but forcing
the use of the UNIXy command makes documenting how to do things
easier: just one command on all platforms.

> I think make.bat should also support creation of non-debug builds.  (Maybe have targets "release" and "debug"?)

I agree.  I've had a thought for this; what about adding a
"configure.bat" that takes a few of the applicable options from the
UNIX "configure" script, and sets some environment variables (and/or
writes out a "win-config.dat") for make.bat's use?

> Tools/buildbot/build*.bat already calls external.bat and clean.bat.  This currently makes the "ready" target unnecessary.

I thought the same initially, but I realized that it is useful for
building using the VS GUI--clone the repo, call "make ready", then
open pcbuild.sln in Visual Studio and you're ready to build everything

> However, I don't think build should be calling clean.bat (or external.bat).  Perhaps you should just inline the necessary parts of Tools/buildbot/build*.bat.

I've thought about this too, and am thinking that it would make a
certain amount of sense to inline the entirety of Tools/buildbot.
Make everything possible from just make.bat, and eventually migrate
the buildbots to use it, and then the Tools/buildbot directory can go
away alltogether.  This would also make doing release vs debug easier.
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