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>"Python 2" should be enough.
I thought about that. Agreed.

"make -C Doc xxx" will not work with make.bat. Perhaps "7.6.1. Using make" should be expanded to "7.6.1 Using make on unix" and "7.6.2 Using make on Windows" added. Then the directory assumption could be put in the latter. But see below.

I super agree that all the doc building modules should work on 3.x, or at least 3.3+, so a freshly built 3.x can build its own docs. But until they do, we need to document what works now. I added a note on #10224.

OK, add 'suspicious' to the unix list and the Windows difference is reduced. (By the way, suspicious.cvs for 3.4 has 22 lines now.)

I presume that unix make *also* has a 'checkout' target, but it is just not mentioned because the other targets list it as a dependency so it gets called automatically.

If so, the unix/windows difference would be reduced further if checkout were listed in the master list, with a note that explicit 'make checkout' is only needed on windows. I think that should be the first target listed, with update following. The last two targets that do not work on Windows could have 'Unix only'. Then a separate Windows section might not be needed -- though a paragraph about setting PYTHON would still be needed until it is not needed.

Yes, make.bat add /build, etc, as needed.
if not exist build mkdir build
if not exist build\%1 mkdir build\%1
if not exist build\doctrees mkdir build\doctrees
(It is really a nice .bat file.)

The line about making /build oneself is in the section about *not* using make. Perhaps this section was written before make.bat? Does Mac lack make? If not, this section might be recast as explaining what make does.
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