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> change '2.4 or higher' to '2.4 to 2.7'.

"Python 2" should be enough.

> Perhaps we should add "These instructions assume that <repository>/Doc/
> is the current directory." Then we would not have to repeat in multiple 
> places.

There was a somewhat related discussion about this in #16814.

> But even with that correction, making docs will still fail for 3.x.

Maybe we should just updated Sphinx :)  See #10224.

> Perhaps "suspicious" is available on *nix, just not documented.
> Could someone check?

It is.  See also #15759.

> "Then, make an output directory, e.g. under `build/`"

On Linux sphinx-build/"make html" takes care of this already.  Is this not the case on Windows?  If not maybe the make.bat should be updated.
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